About Us
We’re a full-service, approachable, accessible wealth management firm servicing Northern BC, and beyond.

49 North was founded in 2009 by Isabel Fleck, Steve Chadwick, and Ted Brown. They saw a need within Northern BC for a different type of wealth management firm, one made up of a team of advisors who work collaboratively to bring clients their collective best. Their vision was to elevate the client experience, offer complete financial advice, and bring forward the highest level of education and experience

49 North has executed on its vision and has grown from four staff to a team of over twenty, has three offices (Prince George, Terrace, and Whitehorse), is managing 10-times the household assets it started with, and is providing comprehensive wealth management to its clients across Western Canada.

Managing your finances is not a one-time service. It takes time, patience, discipline, and expertise. Having a dedicated wealth manager at your side can help you navigate unforeseen challenges in the market and ensure your business, family, and assets are protected for a lifetime.

At 49 North, we bring decades of experience and expertise to your portfolio. We treat every client as an individual and focus on creating financial plans that are unique to your circumstances. We synchronize all elements of your wealth, from mortgages to insurance, investments, retirement, and beyond, to ensure your finances are secure, strong, and growing. 

As an Assante partner, we have the privilege of tapping into a vast network of portfolio options, investment opportunities, and industry insights for our clients. If you’re looking for a trusted team to help you achieve your financial goals, then 49 North is the partner you need.


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Financial Planning
Your finances are the key to your future. We’ll show you where you stand and chart a path forward towards your goals.
Grow your wealth with strategic and thoughtful investments aimed at long-term financial health.
Our affiliate mortgage partner offers expert advice to help homeowners manage their assets effectively.
Build your safety net with life protection, disability, illness, and tax-shelter investment insurance advice.
We put all of the pieces together for your retirement plan so you’re ready for your next steps.
Get your personal wealth plan.
Ready to start planning for your financial future?
Let’s grow your portfolio together.
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